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The Club is located in a unique place, in the vicinity of the Wisłoujście Fortress - Monument of Polish History. Before World War II and a few years after its completion, the Wisłoujście Fortress was surrounded by yachts, Polish Maritime Club. Along the walls of the fort, mooring bridges were built, in the northern part of the Eastern Lore - boatbuilding workshops and hangars. 

After World War II, sailing returned to the Wisloujscie Fortress, but only to the northern part of the moat, where the Polish Maritime Club is still located. In 1959, the fortress was entered in the register of monuments, and since 2018 it has been a Historical Monument Skip.

Currently 77 Racing Club Gdańsk is stationed here, a professional sailing club, whose colors include multiple Polish champions and world champions.


The club runs, among others a sailing academy for regatta enthusiasts and a training program for companies combining sailing and business. He also began revitalizing the entire area. Currently, it is revitalizing the area. Ultimately, 35 permanent parking spaces will be created in the inner moat of the Wisłoujście Fortress. residents and about 20 guest places.


In 2022 this is where the World Championships in the Micro sailing class will take place.

77 Racing Club Gdańsk

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Piotr Tarnacki


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