Marina 77 Racing is located in the eastern earthwork of Wisłoujście Fortress.

Before Second World War and a few years after end of the war, the Fortress was surrounded by yachts and hangars of Polish Maritime Club was placed. Along the walls of the Fortress were built mooring platforms and in the northern part many workshops and boatbuilders hangars.  After the war sailing returned to the Fortress, but only to the northern part, where the Polish Maritime Club is located to this day.

In 1959, the Fortress was entered in the global register of monuments and in 1975 the building was handed over to the Gdańsk Museum. For several decades, a water police station operated in the inner moat of the fortress, which at the end of 2017 moved to new headquarters at Dluga Grobla Street. 

Currently a marina is under built and will be one of the best-located marinas in Europe in the future.

In 2018 77 Racing started revitalizing of the area. The wooden wharf was repaired and the historic Pleban House where was placed  the water police station will be renovated. The 450-meter hall will be modernized and will  be created social facilities, bathroom, showers and kitchen. Historic buildings will be combined with modern ones.

Finally inner section of Fortress will find 35 fixed places for residence yachts and approximately 20 places especially motors and sports boats.


The end of renovations works is scheduled on 2021 year.

77 Racing Club Gdańsk

Stara Twierdza 2-4

80-551 Gdańsk

Piotr Tarnacki

(+48) 509409309


(+48) 734422161